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About La Bella dolce

Traveling Italy was one of the most magical experiences of my life. You just can't compare the beauty of the country and the culture of the people to any where else in the world. Of course being a bit of a foodie, my aim was to eat my way through every torta and biscotti I could stumble upon. 

My most memorable experience was a spur of the moment cooking lesson in the small town of 'Castiglione del Lago'. A beautiful Italian chef, who spoke not a word of English, demonstrated the process of making her renowned Tiramisu. Simple, classic ingredients but of the highest quality and I kid you not...the best, BEST Tiramisu I have ever had the pleasure in devouring.

La Bella Dolce aims to create custom cakes and desserts that are visually beautiful and taste magnificent. From stunning Wedding cakes to quirky Novelty cakes and all your delectable desserts in between.